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September 17-18, 2005 Dartmouth Sportsplex

Thank you for another successful year..........

Novapex is Atlantic Canada's Premier Stamp Show and Exhibition. Held each year in the Halifax area by the Nova Scotia Stamp Club, anyone in Atlantic Canada who is a member of a recognized stamp club is welcome to apply to exhibit at the show. Dealers, both local and from away are invited, bringing their wares to expand and enhance your collections. This is a great opportunity to find out what your collection is worth or possibly to sell it back into the philatelic community. Look, Learn, Buy, Sell and have a good time!


Major Awards

"Approval of Stamps"  News Article

Pictures from Show


Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are presented to those entries which merit such recognition.  These awards are for quality, therefore there can be more than one in each class.  Recipients also receive a gold, silver or bronze lapel pin given by the club.  Those exhibits marked with a (J) are from Junior exhibitors (Class 8).


John Eldridge - 1967-73 Centennial Issue, High Values

Michael Peach - Imperial Penny Postage

Michael Peach - British  Postal Stationery Cutouts

Michael Peach - Postal Union Rate Cards - Victorian Britain

Marty Zelenietz - Papua & New Guinea Booklets

Dave Cooper, Sr - Mexico - Exporta Series

Hugh Rathbun - The Postal History of Annapolis Royal

Cliff Abram - A Man,  A Ship, A Legacy (Nelson)

(J) Alexander Faulkner - Sports on Stamps

(J) Liam Parks - African Animals


John Eldridge - Fun in Collecting the 15 cent blue

Dave Cooper, Sr - U.K.Transatlantic Mail 1939-53

Jane Sodero - Postal Markings / Guysborough

Elizabeth Sodero - Slogan Cancels Admiral Era 1912-14

Michael Peach - The Penny Red Imperforate (GB) Cancellations

John Hurst - Newfoundland Publicity Issue 1929-31

Lorraine Rasmussen - Henry Hechler Memorabilia

Neil Bowlby - Centenary of the Red Cross

(J) Alexander Faulkner  - Transportation on Stamps


Carl Munden - Gone but not Forgotten - NL Outports

George MacKenzie - Covering Nova Scotia Place Names

George MacKenzie - The Story of Santa Claus


Major Awards

The Ken C MacDonald Postal History Award was awarded to Hugh Rathbun for his excellent gold exhibit The Postal History of Annapolis Royal.

The J Doug Allen Novice Award for "the best first-time winner of a Royal Philatelic Society of Canada award" during the annual show of the Nova Scotia Stamp Club was awarded to Lorraine Rasmussen's Henry Hechler Memorabilia. Henry Hechler was one of the most well known early members of the Nova Scotia Stamp Club.

The Nova Scotia Stamp Club Award may be presented to a member-contributor for outstanding contributions to the club and/or to the advancement of philately in Nova Scotia. After all of the work and effort expended by many members before, during & after the very successful ROYAL*2004*ROYALE various names were put forth, any of which who would be very qualified. The committee selected Jeff Parks for his many efforts on the club's behalf, including being web master, assisting and then inheriting the newsletter, and various other areas.

The People's Choice Award To be announced on November 8
The Award for the most popular exhibit as determined by a vote by those who attend the exhibition.


Approval of Stamps
Young philatelist a rare find among today’s generation

by Lindsay Jones, Halifax Daily News

[The following article was published in the The Daily News, Halifax Nova Scotia on Sunday, September 18, 2005]

Collecting stamps is a sport for 12-year-old Alex Faulkner. His gold ribbon-winning collection at the Novapex annual stamp show and exhibition in Dartmouth this weekend includes more than 100 sport and Olympic-theme stamps.

“I like sports and collecting things, so I thought I’d make a collection,” said Faulkner, who spent his summer organizing it for up to three hours a day.

The Lake Echo boy started collecting after his grandfather, David Cooper - a longtime philatelist, whose work is also on display - gave him some leftover stamps.

“I’m the only kid at school that collects,” said Faulkner, who belongs to the junior Nova Scotia Stamp Club (NSSC). “They (other kids) say, ‘Get in the real world.’

Alex Faulkner (right) receives NovaPex 2005 Gold and
Silver Awards in the Youth category from Club
President John Eldridge. 
(Bowlby Photo)

“I just say, ‘I collect cause I am in the real world.’ It’s fun. You get to see all the cool-looking stamps and see how much they’re worth.”

Hundreds came to buy or sell stamps, and check out the exhibits at the Dartmouth Sportsplex yesterday. Happening until 3 p.m. today, the annual show is organized by the NSSC.

There are plenty of interesting exhibits even if you’re not a stamp aficionado.

One display traces the history of Horatio Nelson, the British admiral who led his fleet to victory over the French and Spanish 200 years ago at the battle of Trafalgar.

Another display features various Nova Scotian stamps, which date back to the days of pre-Confederation.

There’s an exhibit honouring the life of the late Haligonian Henry Hechler, an entrepreneur who helped found a national philatelic society.

There’s also an outstanding display of mail by ship in and around the province from the mid-18th to mid-19th century.

Club president John Eldridge said collecting stamps is a good way to learn about geography and history.

“I’ve learned about the history of countries and places I’ve never been to,” said Eldridge, who also works full-time for Kerr Controls.

For him, stamp collecting is relaxing and a break from every day stresses.

One of the big trends, he said, is topical collecting. People generally go for whatever interests them, including dogs, cats, birds, butterflies, plants, ships, hockey, even Santa Claus.

And with e-mail being quicker than so-called ‘snail mail,’ used stamps are becoming increasingly rare, said Eldridge. “Modern stamps just aren’t as readily available as they used to be.”

Now, when you go out to buy them, he said, “you use them, but keep a couple for yourself.”


Show Pictures

Portion of a postal history exhibit

Judge Cooper and President Eldridge presenting awards

Michael Peach receiving Gold awards

Jane Sodero receiving Silver award

Guest Speaker Michael Nowlan

Lorraine Rasmussen receiving J Doug Allen Novice Award

Jeff Parks receiving NS Stamp Club Award


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