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Below are the exhibits that will be displayed at NOVAPEX 2018.
The "Title page"
and "Synopsis" links are PDF documents that open in a new window.

EX# Exhibit Frames Title Page Synopsis
1-5 Canada 1949-1951 Definitive Issue: An exhibit of stamp design, issues, rates and usages 5 TP SYN
6-15 Canadian Dead Letter Office Handstamps 10 TP SYN
16-23 Cancellations of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia on Saint-Pierre and Miquelon stamps 8 TP SYN
24-30 Masterpieces of Canadian Art Stamps 7 TP SYN
31-35 International, Imperial and Commonwealth Reply Coupons of Canada and Newfoundland 5 TP SYN
36-39 CANADA: 1950 King George VI Definitive Issue: Original Design 4 TP SYN
40-42 Postals – Through the Lens of Paul Yates 3 TP SYN
43-45 Cancels used by the Railway Post Office - Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia 3 TP SYN
46-53 Give Wings to Your Mail 8 TP SYN
54-55 U.S. Navy in Nova Scotia Ports 1880 - 1940 2 TP SYN
56 Selected Small Queen Constant Plate Varieties 1 TP SYN
57 French Tasset type revenue stamps taxing Pharmaceutical Specialties 1918 - 1934 1 TP SYN
58 236 Postal Cancel Throughout the British Empire before World War I 1 TP SYN
59 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, le 2F << croix de Langlade >> de 1947 1 TP SYN
61-66 The Red Cross Tracing Agency 1914 - 1994 and the Search for Missing Persons Due to War 6 TP SYN
67-71 UK Taxe Marks and their Offices of Use in the Centimes Era 5 TP SYN
72-73 The Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 2 TP SYN
74-75 The Squared Circle Postmarks of New Brunswick 2 TP SYN
76-80 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon et la pêche au début du siècle dernier 5 TP SYN
91-95 Royal Visit to Canada 1951 5 TP SYN
99-101 A Philatelic History of the Red Cross 3 TP SYN
102-09 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, le type - GROUPE - 1892 - 1908 8 TP SYN
110 The Constant Plate Varieties of the Eight Cent Small Queen 1 TP SYN
81 Greetings from Kentville, N. S. 1 TP SYN
82 Postal History of some aspects of the Canadian Government's World War 2 Home Front Effort 1 TP SYN
83 The Railway Post Office on the Short Line 1 TP SYN
84 Canada's inspection of Electricity Meters 1894 - 1950's 1 TP SYN
111 Ottawa Fancy Cancels 1870 to 1877 1 TP SYN
  Nova Scotia Stamp Club
85 Penny Red Imperforate (Great Britain) Cancellations 1 TP SYN
86 Halifax Buildings on Cover 1865 to 1935 1 TP SYN
87 Illustrated Business Mail of Clayton & Sons, Halifax Nova Scotia 1882 - 1951 1 TP SYN
88 Twists and Turns of Picture Postage 1 TP SYN
89 Patriotic Covers - The Stories They Tell 1 TP SYN
  British Collector's Club
60 Grammy I Remember 1 TP SYN
90 Diamond Marks - Great Britain 1 TP SYN
96 CANADA The 8 Cents Small Queen Issue Used in Conjunction with Other Values 1 TP SYN
97 The Dawn and Dusk of 'Streets':  Gottingen Street - A Case in Point 1 TP SYN
98 Postcards Showing Events at post Offices in Nova Scotia 1 TP SYN

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